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One Step CrystaLac


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One Step CrystaLac

No base coat, no top coat, no cleansing, only ONE STEP (1 or max 2 layers instead of 4)
Super-fast, gentle to the natural nails, contains vitamin A & E.
Full set ready in 10 minutes, lasts for 2-3 weeks.



Polish System From Crystal Nails

Triple your income with One Step Crystalac!

5 steps in 10 minutes!

CrystaLac step by step

1. I prepare the nail with the grey-pink buffer - with the softer 180 side. 2. Remove the dust 3. Sanitize nail with Nail or Spray Prep 4. Apply one layer of One Step CrystaLac (if necessary 2 layers) 5. Cure the nail (2 minutes in UV lamp, 30-60 seconds in LED lamp)


Watch our video to see how easy it is to use Crystalac, the newest gel polish system.

Tip: You can use our Easy Off Gel to strengthen your clients natural nails if you find them too week. Apply it under the One Step Crystalac, the nails will not be thick under it and can be soaked off easily.


Crystalac colors



3ml – 10.00 EUR; member price: 7.00 EUR

8ml – 15.00 EUR, member price: 10.50 EUR

Available in 45 colours, also available in kit incl. 10 colours of your choice

Big kit: 10 x 8ml colour, Easy Off gel (15ml), Nail prep (15ml) and a buffer. Price: €160.00; member price €112.00

Small kit: 10 x 3ml colour, Easy Off gel (15ml), Nail prep (15ml) and a buffer. Price: €120.00; member price €84.00


Available from our webshop (please email us the colours)


Remove with Acryl remover or Easy remover liquid and use remover foil to wrap the nails. Take off the foil after 8 minutes and remove the remaining products with a cuticle skimmer (or wooden stick)



Recommend One Step Crystalac to those of your clients who would like to change the colour of their nails every 2 weeks. It is so easy and quick to prepare a full set and soak it off. Also very handy for those who have no more than 15 minutes for a full set.
Don’t forget to ask for your free One Step CrystaLac poster when you order your products:



Regular CrystaLac (previously known as Gel-lac) gives you the easiness of nail polishes and durability of gels.

  • Use it on the natural nail as a strengthener layer.
  • No dry time, no extra led lamp, no damages, no scratches.
  • Can be removed in 15 minutes (with Acryl Remover).

Check out our video to see how easy it is to work with Crystalac and how fabulous the result is - you and your clients will love it.


Crystalac includes much more colour pigments than lacquers and even 1 (or max 2) layer is enough for the perfect result.

The brand new flat brush lies on the nail easily and helps you to work more evenly and accurately.

Why CrystaLac?

  • No need to buy special led lamp, works with regular UV lamp
  • It does not include Toluene, DBP or Formaldehyde.
  • No different base and top coat, use the same clear for both layers.
  • Shiny, cracking free nails for 21 days
  • Easy to remove with 3 tools in 15 minutes

Recommend Crystalac to those of your clients who prefer the long lasting colours and would like to come back to the salon every 4 weeks only

Available in 60 colours from our webshop.

Prices: 4ml – 12.50; member price: 8.75
15ml – 27.00; member price: 18.90
Also available in kit, incl. 6 x 4ml colours, price: 65.00; member price: 45.50.








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Tuska Ch
I love crystal nails products. Very strong gels lasting long time with no lifting or chipping. Huge selection of beautiful colours and also professionals and helpful girls working in the shop




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